Hi, we're Vinnie and Jess, owners and designers of Tipsy Oak. We're a couple with a passion for design, architecture and handcrafted home decor and furniture. After meeting and spending 3 years together in Los Angeles, CA we decided to moved to Phoenix, AZ. The moment we moved we knew it was a right fit for us. 

The first table we designed and built was actually for our own apartment back in LA.  After gaining such a great response from that first piece, we decided to play with the idea of selling them. Shortly after, Tipsy Oak was created and quickly evolved into a furniture and home decor business.


  As creators, we are constantly inspired by different styles of architecture (mostly Art Deco and Mid Century Modern) when coming up with new furniture and decor ideas. Our work includes inspirations of vintage, rustic and modern qualities. Our tables, along with some of our art pieces are hand painted artful finish. The unique colors and contrast gives Tipsy Oak its trademark look. Our design background and passions play a big part of Tipsy Oak.  Vinnie has a strong background in Art and graphic design, along with his ability to create with his hands. Jess has many years of visual merchandising experience and education in Interior Design and Architecture. 



Together, our goal is to create beautiful, one of a kind pieces utilizing salvaged wood from around metro Phoenix. Some of our designs have included wood found from a demolished home in Los Angeles, dating back to 1907.